Anders Erenstsen Lygren, comes from the f’ing cold place called Norway.
It is snowing and raining most of the time, so there are mostly indoor activities to tend to. Now that is how it all began.
He had a friend who was already doing electronic music, and really reaching somewhere too.
He bought some instruments and just jumped right into it.
After some months of practice, and a lot of failing, (mostly failing), he began to feel that he could go somewhere with this.
A long story short, Anders and his friend (Terje Bakke) started up a duo called “Zap The Monkies”, and signed a track to a label “O Recordings”.
After making a lot of songs together, they finally created their own “sound” in a way, and where soon getting where they wanted, and formed a duo called “Terje & Anders”.
Signing two EP’s to the german based label “Lördag Records”, and a EP on “Snejl”.
After a period of doodling together he found that he wanted to try different styles of music, and play in bands and such, so they split up.
Terje is still going strong with his electronic music, and Anders has now started again, with me, myself & I.




The Idiot Idols is an a italian musical-project born by Igino Ottocento and Saverio Vetica. Their first contact was in 2009, when the duo begins to share their demos each other trying to improve their work and re-interpretations in more different ways. Despite the complete difference about their original kind of music, in a shortly time began to blend and mix more stuff into a new single genre, driven by desire to play and harmony between them. Labeling their own music would be strictly, their live/dj sets and productions are divided into rhythmic virtuosity sound, expressing in a personal style with Electronic, Indie Disco, Techno, along with typical streaks of hypnotically psychedelic Kosmische Musik.


Magic Panda is Jamie Robson – a lo-fi electronic music producer from the distant and mystic hinterland of Norfolk. Specialising in melancholic, ethereal soundscapes and uplifting psychedelic fairy tale anthems, MP’s sound incorporates textured layers of melodic content mangled and twisted around glitchy drums and an underlying ‘4 on the floor’ pulse. Magic Panda was created in 2010 and has already enjoyed local radio play, supported DMX Krew, Mount Kimbie and Luke Abbott and is currently seeking to establish himself further in the electronic music scene.


Ralf Gerritse is a electronic music producer from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He’s always exploring different styles of electronic music and fusing these explorations all together into hypnotic compositions. With a lot of repetition use in his melody and rhythms he takes the listener into daydreaming mode. For the Away EP he took a lot of inspiration from techno music.


From the seaside town of Vina del Mar in Chile, Ricardo Tobar has made an impression on the electronic scene with two well received EPs on James Holden´s Border Community, in addition to a single entitled ´With You´ on the excellent Traum Schallplatten imprint. His fusion of melodic techno, electronic rock and modern shoegaze music highlight a creative flair that is still seemingly untapped, and with an artist long player mooted, Ricardo looks well set to follow in the footsteps of Holden and the rest of the Border Community family.


Roy Koch was fascinated by electronic music from a young age.
Influenced by Kraftwerk, Jean M. Jarre, Vangelis, Front 242, Anne Clark and Depeche Mode, he started making electronic music himself and succeeded. Releasing the track Callings on Traum was an absolute highlight.
Several releases and remixes followed.
Deeply rooted in the music scene in his hometown Nijmegen (NL) Roi is not only a DJ and producer but also the founder of the label knopje.