KNOPJE 007 Roi Koch Otia EP

Roi Koch – Space Friend
Roi Koch – Wo Bist Do
Roi Koch – Otia

Heartwarming sounds and warm melodies.Otia, is the focal point of the EP
“Space Friend” feels like music that is not written predominately for DJs or clubs but for his own well- being. Listening to this track gives a warm, feeling. Its melodic and feels
like a fairytale, full of colors.
Space Friend, he comes slowly closer.
Just listen and smile.
“Wo Bist Du” is definitely a track in which you can easily loose yourself. It starts quite minimal but open the way for a spiritual piece.
“Otia” is a joyous track which evolves in a very natural way. It falls nicely into place and the feeling remains.
Otia (Otis) pays tribute to Roi’s best friend.

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KNOPJE 006 Magic Panda-Cloud Fforest EP

Magic Panda – Cloud Fforest
Magic Panda – Citadel
Magic Panda – Contrails
Magic Panda – Safe Harbour

Cloud FForest EP is a collection of epic, expansive tracks, at times brooding and contemplative and at others propulsive and energetic. Magic Panda weaves synths, choirs, pads, bells and textures to create ethereal, otherworldy soundscapes laden with majestic, rousing melodies.

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KNOPJE 005 Anders. – Gresset Er Grönnere Her EP

Anders. – Gresset Er Grönnere Her
Anders. – Her Bor Jeg
Anders. – Galskap

Gresset Er Grönnere Her means the grass is greener here. A walk threw melodies and synth layers. Taking deep steps in a typical Anders. manner. Her Bor Jeg means I live here. The track is an emotional rollercoaster reaching from the melodic drive to the distorted heaven in a weird way. Galskap means madness Galskap is a distorted journey threw melodies and pads. Taking you from a noisy start to a sweet finish. The track shows how noise can be as sweet as a piano. Anders Erenstsen Lygren, comes from the f’ing cold place called Norway. It is snowing and raining most of the time, so there are mostly indoor activities to tend to. Now that is how it all began. He had a friend who was already doing electronic music, and really reaching somewhere too. He bought some instruments and just jumped right into it. After some months of practice, and a lot of failing, (mostly failing), he began to feel that he could go somewhere with this. A long story short, Anders and his friend (Terje Bakke) started up a duo called “Zap The Monkies”, and signed a track to a label “O Recordings”. After making a lot of songs together, they finally created their own “sound” in a way, and where soon getting where they wanted, and formed a duo called “Terje & Anders”. Signing two EP’s to the german based label “Lördag Records”, and a EP on “Snejl”. After a period of doodling together he found that he wanted to try different styles of music, and play in bands and such, so they split up. Terje is still going strong with his electronic music, and Anders has now started again, with me, myself I.

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KNOPJE 004 Ralf Gerritse – Away EP

Ralf Gerritse – Away
Ralf Gerritse – Fog
Ralf Gerritse – InflatableRalf

Gerritse is a electronic music producer from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He’s always exploring different styles of electronic music and fusing these explorations all together into hypnotic compositions. With a lot of repetition use in his melody and rhythms he takes the listener into daydreaming mode. For the Away EP he took a lot of inspiration from techno music. Away switches between the emotions happy and sad. It does so by its melodic content. Ralf thinks that when you put progression in your ‘emotional states’ in one song (or a set) the listener will get a greater emotional impact because of contrast. And that’s what he’s after. Fog, Ralf has a soft spot for the sound from the eighties. Fog is a sort of dedication to that sound. Strings, big snares and melodic synthesizer themes mixed up with some modern elements. Inflatable, while working on the title composition Inflatable Ralf was influenced by the down tempo genre called psybient. Especially in the first part it’s noticeable. The second part gets really melodic and the whole thing starts to inflate. This wall of melodies is something Ralf has always loved.

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KNOPJE 003 Magic Panda – Life Is Elsewhere EP

Magic Panda – Life Is Elsewhere
Magic Panda – The Floating World
Magic Panda – Maunsell Sea Forts
Magic Panda – Life Is Elsewhere Roi Koch Remix
Magic Panda – The Floating World Van Did Remix

Life Is Elsewhere EP is the latest release from Magic Panda aka Jamie Robson, 32 year old producer from Norwich UK and his first release with Dutch indie imprint, Knopje – home to releases by Ricardo Tobar and The Idiot Idols. Robson arrived on the electronic music scene in 2011 with his debut EP, The Glass Mountain on Maripoza Records, and in this short time has attracted support from and been playlisted by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo and Max Cooper (whose remix of Magic Panda’s Distant Places skyrocketed to the top of the Beatport electronica charts). In addition to a handful of EPs and remixes, he has developed a club orientated live set and played alongside Luke Abbott, Ricardo Tobar, Mount Kimbie, Portico Quartet and DMX Krew both in the UK and across Europe. His debut album, Temple Of A Thousand Lights was released in June 2013 on Kid606’s Tigerbeat6. This 3 track release sees Magic Panda further evolving his sound and style and in many respects picking up where Temple left off. The EP opens with the title track, Life is Elsewhere. Rife with the trademark Magic Panda signatures of melancholic arpeggios, scattergun percussion and intense melodies, Life is Elsewhere is an emotive reflection on existence. This is followed up with the more wistful, happy/sad trip of The Floating World. The Japanese term for ‘the floating world’ is ‘Ukiyo’ which refers to the buddhist concept that nothing in life is permanent and that life is made up of fleeting and transient moments of beauty. These themes are explored through the tracks pensive melodies and euphoric choruses. The EP finishes with the wild and propulsive Maunsell Sea Forts, a track that took inspiration from the haunting robot-like towers whose rusty shells remain in the Thames estuary, looking out to the open sea, and the track takes the form of a sad love poem to the ocean. Things are wrapped up nicely with remixes from label boss Roi Koch, with a hypnotic interpretation of Life is Elsewhere and Van Did, who takes The Floating World to a darker, more introspective place.

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KNOPJE 002 Idiot Idols – Settebello Express EP

Idiot Idols – Officine Meccaniche
Idiot Idols – 2600 KW
Idiot Idols – Settebello Express
Idiot Idols – 2600 KW Avus Fuzzy Techno Mix
Idiot Idols – Officine Meccaniche Angelo Battilani Remix

The EP is inspired by the story of the Settebello, an italian train…ancestor of modern high speed trains. His name was inspired by Scopa…that is an Italian card game, and one of the two major national card games in Italy. In Scopa you have a card with seven coins… is called SETTEBELLO wich has an high value in the game. Officine Meccaniche is ispired thinking about the construction fo the train in the factories, where there was machines cutting, melting (etc etc) steel to make the Train see the light officine meccaniche meens literaly: mechanical workshops. 2600kw insipred by the cranking of the train the engine has 2600kw power…this track is ispired by the first start of the engine, the first test of the train. Settebello Express, the main track: the long run of the settebello express from milan to rome.. clearly inspired by the mix of techno and the sound of the Maestro Giorgio Moroder.

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KNOPJE 001 Ricardo Tobar – Betweener EP

Ricardo Tobar – Betweener
Ricardo Tobar – Anne
Ricardo Tobar – Pequeñita

After several releases on Border Community and Traum Schallplatten, Chilean Ricardo Tobar comes back for our first installment here at Knopje and proud we are as he has given us three of his neat next generation songs for us to dance to. Taking a short break from releasing in order to tour and compose, Ricardo has secured a part of his work for us and in return, we are giving birth to his new “Betweener EP”. First song, Betweener, takes us back to classic Tobar work. Big chords with a hypnotic melody that, after a break, puts us on an arpeggio escalade with a mantric vocal loop, bringing our sensations to the high spheres of party madness. Anne is a distorted synth affair, with a dream-pop-shoegaze style all fitting together thanks to a 4/4 beat and sidechain compression. Hypnotic and surprising at the same time, the song certainly reassures us about Ricardo’s hardworking search for noise. Last one, Pequeñita closes the deal here. An ambient pop song with the word “fragile” all over place. This proves us that Ricardo’s delicate way of making tunes is the perfect example of music that can either bang dancefloors or make your thoughts fly away at home.

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